Donate to keep the arts thriving in Taranaki


The Taranaki Arts Festival Trust has been enriching people’s lives since 1991, thanks to the philanthropic support we receive from the community.

Our festivals positively impact our community’s wellbeing. They increase creativity, support Taranaki’s economic strength and inspire future generations.

Now more than ever, arts, culture, and live performances play a crucial role in bringing together people, threading magic throughout the region, and weaving creativity into the fabric of Taranaki life.

Taranaki Arts Festival would like you to consider donating your refunded tickets or a portion of your ticket to support Taranaki Arts Festival Trust in delivering programmes in the future.

By financially supporting our festivals, you become part of our history and ensure the arts thrive in Taranaki. The festival is a registered Charitable Trust.

Donations can be made in $5, $25, or $50 donation amounts.