A Binge Culture production

Anything can happen in the dark if you’re not paying attention. 

Werewolf, created and performed by incredible Wellington innovative theatre-makers, Binge Culture, feels almost like a game by daylight — but takes on a whole new life when plunged into the night. 

Werewolf features a chilling sound design and a new immersive theatre experience, allowing you to be a fly on the wall or take charge of the situation. 

However, you decide to play it. You’ll become part of a makeshift community coming together to make it through the night. What is hiding in the darkness that is making everyone so nervous? 

You must pay attention. 

Stay safe. Be kind—Trust no one. 

Parental guidance is recommended. Note show contains flashing lights, loud noises, and unsettling content. 

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Sat 6 Nov, 9:30 PM
Sun 7 Nov, 5:00 PM
Alexandra Room, TSB Showplace
60 minutes, no interval
GA $35
Admission service fees apply
  • Theatre