The Trojan War

A Slightly Isolated Dog

Following the success of DON JUAN & JEKYLL & HYDE, A Slightly Isolated Dog brings you the third instalment in the trilogy of very sex works: THE TROJAN WAR!  

This explosive & hilarious work uses a cast of faux-French performers to create a joyful, interactive celebration. Theatrical magic, wicked pop songs & fierce wit is combined to create a delightful romp through this classic twisted tale.  

When Paris is born, it is prophesied that he will bring the destruction of the city. To avoid this fate, he is sent away to be sacrificed. But this starts a series of events that will inevitably lead to the destiny his parents were so desperately trying to avoid. THE TROJAN WAR tells the story of the tragic fall of Troy. It’s a raucous celebration of our ridiculous lives: using this classic tale of gods and heroes to explore questions around the current chaos of our times playfully. 

*Recommended for ages 14+ 


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Fri 12 Nov, 8:00 PM
Theatre Royal, TSB Showplace
65 minutes, no interval
Cabaret Seating $55
A Reserve $45

Admission service fees apply
  • Comedy
  • Theatre