Austen Found: The Undiscovered Musicals of Jane Austen

with Penny Ashton, Lori Dungey and Jason Smith

Addicted to Darcy?  Bonkers for Big Balls? Lost all Sense and Sensibility? Well, put down your cross-stitching and get ready to enjoy an entirely improvised musical in the style of Jane Austen. You saw their videos during the COVID lockdown. Now see them in person.   

With her most excellently accomplished friends, Penny Ashton (Olive Copperbottom, Promise and Promiscuity, Hot Pink Bits) is back!  

World Famous hobbit Lori Dungey (LOTR, Xena) and twinkle fingers Jason Smith (Emmy award-winning musical maestro and Lucy Lawless collaborator) will use your suggestions and spin instant literary magic as they swoon, romp and pianoforte. 

Get ready for RESET 2021!

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Fri 5 Nov, 6:30 PM
Theatre Royal, TSB Showplace
60 minutes, no interval
Premium $45
A Reserve $35

Admission service fees apply
  • Comedy
  • Music