TCDC - Taranaki Contemporary Dance Collective

With Jin Plotkin Mikhailov, Marie Hermo Jensen and Gaenor Brown

Taranaki Contemporary Dance Collective U&I explores the multifaceted nature of the conversation, experienced as collisions of body, movement and voice. Some conversations flow with ease, and others are not so easy. Exploring the symbol of the ampersand- a ligature, a connector for us all - U&I considers the shape of these conversations as both light and shadow, in their silence and noise, between the flow and current of dance, spoken word, image and architecture. Audiences are invited to let all the conversations play around them, laugh with them, stay with them, and because there is always a time for this- to comfort them.

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Sun 14 Nov, 4:00 PM
Theatre Royal Lounge, TSB Showplace
15 mins, no interval

Admission service fees apply
  • Dance
  • Free